Believe it or not, “binge-watching” TV shows has only been a ‘thing’ for five years.  Netflix changed TV forever in 2013 by releasing all 13 episodes of its first original series, “House of Cards”, at once.

Now, BINGING is so commonplace that 83% of Americans say they binge-watch SOMETHING at least once a month . . . and only 7% say they NEVER do it.

Those numbers are from a new survey from the “Hollywood Reporter”.  They asked 2,044 people about their viewing habits . . . and found that while a majority of people prefer an entire season be released at once . . . live, weekly viewing is still popular.

In fact, a good portion of America still PREFERS waiting those seven days.

13% said they “strongly prefer” new episodes to be released once per week, and another 21% said they “somewhat prefer” it that way.  So, 34% like the old way.

36% said they “strongly prefer” having the whole season available at once.  And another 18% “somewhat prefer” that.  So, 54% like having the option to binge if they feel like it.

For all the talk about “cord-cutting,” 56% of people still watch LIVE TV every day, and only 4% say they never do.

40% said they “mostly watch” shows live at their scheduled times, while 29% said they mostly watch shows on-demand . . . which includes DVR, streaming services, DVDs and Blu-Ray.

28% usually only watch two episodes when “binging.”  Another 28% typically do three, 21% usually stop at four . . . and 4% of weirdos say they average at least 11 episodes per sitting.

Those are the TRUE binge-watchers . . . the ones who always watch the whole season all at once.  And who could very well be unemployed 20-somethings who are still living with their parents.

29% of people have watched an entire season of a show within 24 hours of its release . . . and 51% have watched an entire season within a week.  And only 3% of people feel GUILTY when they binge-watch a show.  63% do not.

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