This kind of commitment in your early 20s is basically unheard of these days.

A 26-year-old woman named Chelsea Haley graduated from the University of Georgia a few years ago, and joined Teach for America to work with low-income kids.

She ended up at a school in Baton Rouge, Louisiana, and almost quit early on because of ONE problem student.  12-year-old Jerome Robinson had a rough family life . . . moved around a lot . . . was failing every subject . . . and constantly got suspended.

But after a while, Chelsea got through to him and was the only teacher he’d listen to.  Then in 2015, she was ready to go back to Georgia but stuck around for one more year, specifically because she knew Jerome needed her.

Later that year, she had a dream about being Jerome’s MOM.  And she felt like God was telling her she should be his mom.  She didn’t take it that seriously.  But shortly after that, Jerome ASKED if he could live with her.  Then his MOM did too.

They all had dinner together.  And when Chelsea said she was moving, Jerome’s mom asked her to take him WITH her, as well as Jerome’s 18-month old brother, Jace.

Chelsea was only 24 years old at the time.  But she adopted them.  Then she used money from her retirement account to put a down payment on a house near Atlanta.

And here’s what a little stability can do.  Both boys are THRIVING now.  Jerome is in the eighth grade.  And instead of failing, he’s on the honor roll.