Your phone might be the most expensive thing you carry around.  But according to a recent survey, 22% of us have gotten angry and HURLED our phone across the room before.  Here are six more stats about our cell phone habits . . .

1.  Have you ever cracked the screen on your phone?  62% of us have.  38% said their screen has always remained intact.

2.  Do you ever use your phone on the toilet?  94% said yes, including 79% who said they ALWAYS do.  Only 6% said they’ve never used their phone in the bathroom.

3.  Have you ever dropped it IN the toilet, and had to fish it out?  23% of us have.  Wow, that’s gross.

4.  Do you sleep with your phone in the bedroom?  92% of us do, including 9% who put it under their pillow.  Only 8% said they don’t keep their phone in the room with them.

5.  How many chargers do you have?  30% said just one . . . 37% said two . . . 20% said three . . . and 13% said four or more.

6.  How many apps do you have on your phone . . . is it more than 30?  64% said no, they have less than 30.  36% said yes, they have more than 30 apps.  That includes 8% who said they have WAY more than 30.