If you make it to 100 years old, everything after that is a bonus.  And this is a pretty fun one . . .

There’s a guy in Saskatchewan named Esmond Allcock who’s 108 YEARS OLD.  He’s one of the oldest people in Canada and has 71 descendants.  But not a single one was NAMED after him.

Obviously “Esmond” isn’t the trendiest baby name these days.  According to BabyCenter.com, it was the 17,987th most popular boy’s name last year.

But someone in his family FINALLY did it.  His GREAT-granddaughter Jenna recently had a son and named him Esmond after his great-GREAT-grandfather.

He was born a little over a year ago.  But the website LoveWhatMatters.com just posted a video and some photos of them together.

The older Esmond was born in January of 1910, and his great-great-grandson Esmond was born in January of last year, almost exactly 107 years later.

This is his 12th great-great grandchild.  He also has 6 kids, 17 grandkids, and 36 great-grandkids.

(LoveWhatMatters / CNN)