The Golden State Warriors finished their four-game sweep of the Cleveland Cavaliers on Friday, to earn their third NBA title in four years.

All four times they were facing the Cavs, with Cleveland only winning the second one, in 2016.  This was the weakest of the Cavs teams, so the Warriors were heavy favorites before it even started.

Here are 10 interesting takeaways from the series:

1.  LEBRON JAMES said he played the last three games with a broken hand, because he punched a whiteboard in the Cavs locker room after they botched their chance to win Game One.

He was even wearing a soft cast during his postgame interview.  (Here’s video.)

2.  LeBron finished with 748 points this postseason.  That’s the SECOND-most points in one postseason in NBA history.  Michael Jordan has the record with 759 in 1992.

3.  Kevin Durant was named the Finals MVP.  He’s the SIXTH player to win back-to-back Finals MVPs.  The others are . . . LeBron, Kobe BryantShaquille O’NealMichael Jordan, and Hakeem Olajuwon.

4.  Including the postseason, the Warriors are 328-83 (.798) over the last four seasons.  That’s the best four-year winning percentage in NBA history, beating out their own record from 2014-17.

5.  The NBA’s YouTube channel has a montage of the best plays from the series.

6.  The Golden State Warriors Tweeted out a video recapping their latest championship celebration.  If you’re a Warriors fan, it’ll probably make you tear up.  If you’re a fan of any other team, it will make you hate the NBA.

7.  Golden State has the core of their team locked up for yet ANOTHER run next year, although Durant has a player option for $26.3 million.  It’s hard to imagine him leaving . . . and he’s said he wants to stay.

8.  Cleveland also has most of their players under contract for next season, but they’ll definitely need to re-tool their roster, because as it is, they don’t have enough talent to take down the Warriors.

More importantly, the one guy they DON’T have under control is LeBron, who has a player option for $35.6 million.  And let’s face it, he’s their whole team right now.

The Cavs obviously want to re-sign him, but unlike Durant and the Warriors, there’s serious doubt whether he’ll return.  He hasn’t really tipped his hand, other than to say that his family and winning are the most important factors.

(Here’s a video report on James’ impending decision.)

9.  Before Friday’s game, President Trump said he wouldn’t invite either team to the White House.  That came after both LeBron and Steph Curry said they had no interest in going to the White House.  The Warriors didn’t go last year either.

10.  The Warriors are easily the odds-on favorite to win again next year.  But it’s a moot point right now . . . because we don’t know where LeBron will end up.

The oddsmakers seem to think Philadelphia is one good landing spot . . . because the 76ers are tied for the second-best odds to win it all.  Cleveland is a long shot to get LeBron back, because they’re tied for the sixth-best odds to win, at 30-to-1.  And LeBron IS a big factor . . . after all, he’s been to eight consecutive Finals, and he just had arguably his BEST season at age 33.