What’s the Most Popular Emoji in Every State?

I’m not sure if you can learn a lot about an entire state by the emojis they like . . . but I’m happy to pretend you can and stereotype away.

A new study found the EMOJI that’s the most popular in every state.  Here are some of the highlights . . .

1.  Getting this out of the way:  The poop is number one in five states.  They are:  Arizona . . . Wyoming . . . North Dakota . . . Wisconsin . . . and New Jersey.

2.  There are two states where the ANGRY face is number one:  Kansas and New Hampshire.  And in Arkansas, Delaware, and Pennsylvania, the sad crying face is number one.

3.  There are 10 states where the most popular emoji is a smiling face or the “laughing so hard I’m crying” face:  Alaska . . . Ohio . . . Tennessee . . . Alabama . . . North Carolina . . . West Virginia . . . Utah . . . Montana . . . Maine . . . and Rhode Island.

4.  And as for the perverts of the country . . . the eggplant, which people almost always use to represent male genitalia, is number one in three states:  Idaho . . . Missouri . . . and Virginia.

5.  And the peach . . . which looks like a butt . . . is number one in Texas and Michigan.  And just to show people ONLY use it as a butt, it’s NOT number one in Georgia, where they’re all about peaches.  Their top emoji is the apple for some reason.

(Minneapolis Star Tribune



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