The 15 Best Nicknames Baseball Players Will Wear on the Backs of Their Jerseys

Last month, Major League Baseball said that they’re relaxing the dress code for ‘Players Weekend’ on Friday, August 25th through Sunday the 27th, and players will be allowed to wear NICKNAMES on the back of their jerseys.

The nicknames were revealed yesterday . . . and here are 15 highlights.

1.  Lucas Duda of the Tampa Bay Rays chose ‘Dude.’

2.  Welington Castillo of the Baltimore Orioles chose ‘Beef,’ as in Beef Wellington.

3.  Robinson Cano of the Seattle Mariners chose ‘Don’t You Know.’  When Cano was a Yankee, an announcer would say “Robby Cano, don’t you know!” when he’d hit a homerun.

4.  Kyle Seager of the Mariners chose ‘Corey’s Brother.’  His younger brother Corey plays for the L.A. Dodgers, and won Rookie of the Year last year.

5.  Aaron Judge of the New York Yankees chose ‘All Rise’.

So yes, nicknames WILL be included on the back of Yankees jerseys.  It’s the first time ANY name has been on the back of their uniforms.

6.  Aaron Altherr of the Philadelphia Phillies chose ‘A-A-Ron,’ which is from that legendary “Key and Peele” skit.

7.  Carl Edwards Jr. of the Chicago Cubs chose ‘Carl’s Jr.’  The players aren’t allowed to wear brand names on their jerseys, but for whatever reason Carl got an exception.

8.  Andrew Triggs of the Oakland Athletics chose ‘Triggonometry.’

9.  Josh Phegley of the Athletics chose ‘PTBNL,’ which stands for ‘player to be named later.’

10.  Sean Doolittle of the Washington Nationals chose ‘DOOOOOOOO.’

11.  Lance McCullers and Collin McHugh of the Houston Astros chose ‘Snap Dragon 1’ and ‘Snap Dragon 2.’

12.  Todd Frazier of the Yankees chose ‘Toddfather.’

13.  Trevor Bauer of the Cleveland Indians chose ‘Bauer Outage.’

14.  Tommy Hunter of the Rays chose ‘Tommy Two Towel.’

15.  Jose Ramirez of the Indians chose ‘Mini Me,’ but the league rejected it because it’s copyrighted, and that’s a no-no because the league is SELLING these jerseys.  So, he threw in the towel and just went with ‘Ramirez.’

(You can see all the nicknames, here.  But if you want to connect the nicknames to your local team’s players, you’ll have to Google it.  There’s not a database of all the nicknames with all the real names, unfortunately.)



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